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Are you struggling with smokey rooms, cold fires or battling to get a fire started? Just call us and we will take care of all your chimney cleaning issues. With several years of experience in the chimney cleaning in Johannesburg industry, we are able to clean even complex chimneys and older chimneys too, in time and bang on cost.

As a fully accredited Chimney Cleaners in Johannesburg, we are able to meet the expectation of our customers in terms of both quality and price. All our contractors are trained and experienced professionals, capable of handling all the latest equipment and mastering up to date techniques effectively. Our skilled team will not only clean your chimney but will also inspect your chimney to make sure it is in good condition. If they are able to detect any damage to chimneys or cowls and chimney pots, they will immediately bring them to your notice so that you can arrange to have them fixed.

Did you know that around 80% of deaths that occur during fires are the result of smoke inhalation? Fixing damage to your chimney and its components as soon as possible will help prevent nearly 100% of any incidental smoke inhalation instances which may arise when using your chimney. Chimneys which are not in good repair will add to instances of smoke filling the room, smoke inhalation and carbon-monoxide poisoning. If you notice that your chimney is not functioning the way it should, have it checked to make sure there isn't a problem which needs repairing.

When checking on chimney damage issues make sure your Johannesburg based chimney repairmen also inspects for possible creosote build-up in order to ensure that your family is safe from potential fire hazards. As an experienced Johannesburg chimney cleaning company, we use only high quality equipment to clean chimneys. So you can be quite confident that you will not have to clean your chimney again for a long while.

When you are looking for the best chimney cleaners in Johannesburg, just contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in each and every aspect of your chimney cleaning needs. With several years of experience we can offer a high quality Chimney Cleaning service across Johannesburg.

How we can Help

Our guaranteed chimney cleaning services are listed below:

Chimney cleaning

Bird nest removal from chimneys

Clearing of debris from chimneys

Checking if chimney damper is in working order

� Advice on how to make a fire

�Testing chimney with a small fire

� Removing all dirt that comes out of the chimney

Advising on which type of chimney cowl to install


Call us Out Now -081 719 1100

What sets us apart?

We are recognised chimney cleaners in Johannesburg, with vast experience in the industry

We offer a no call out service fee

We choose our chimney cleaners through a strict screening process and train them rigorously to make sure that they are able to meet the expectation of the customers

Our Johannesburg Chimney cleaners have up-to-date knowledge regarding the trends, tools and techniques of chimney cleaning

We assist our customers for 6 days of the week

As a reputed Johannesburg Chimney Cleaning service, we do not just clean our client's chimney but offer suggestions to enhance the quality of their fire and the lifespan of their chimney.

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