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Bird nest removal

debris; soot and creosote that have been cleared from a chimneyWhen summer arrives and the days get warmer, the chimney gets used less and less and eventually lies dormant for the summer and even part of the autumn.

High up and out of the way; this is the ideal location for a bird nest. The quiet and the disappearance of disturbances will make any bird want to stay and raise a family which is frequently the case. By the time you realise your chimney is blocked the nestlings have grown up and gone on to fine nests of their own. Of course it would be a good idea to try and ascertain whether the nest is empty.

The nest and feathers and any other debris that was dragged into the chimney by the home making bird will still need to be removed. A chimney cleaner will have all of his equipment with him and should therefore be able to reach into the chimney with his brushes and clear the nest debris away.

If there is any debris in the chimney and it hasn't been cleaned properly the possibility of a chimney fire increases dramatically. These in themselves are highly destructive and often burn out of control.


Call us Out Now -081 719 1100
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