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The municipality of Sandton was established in 1969 as Johannesburg began to expand northwards, it consisted largely of smallholdings and the residents exemplified a lifestyle which was the envy of many less affluent Johannesburgers.

As the city centre began to show signs of struggling due to the economy and urban decay many companies moved their head offices to Sandton and in so doing encouraged economic and commercial growth in Sandton turning it into the new cbd.

The heart of Sandton's commercial sector is Sandton City, a shopping mall catering to the well-heeled. Sandton City is surrounded by hotels and international corporations. Sandton boasts, shopping, accomodation and entertainment and is in close proximity to Rosebank, Johannesburg City, and highways leading to Pretoria. All of which make for a superb tourist stop-over when in South Africa.

Residences in Sandton consist of apartments and residential complexes at its heart but many of the origional properties and homes still stand. The origional homes would have boasted fire-places, not only for cooking but also for heating and ambience, while newer homes were not built with fire places they are being included in many of the refurbishments which take place.

Having a fireplace will serve you well no matter where you live, the only trick is to keep your chimney clean.

Call us Out Now -081 719 1100
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