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One of our most famous botanical gardens, the eyrie of the black eagle at the top of the waterfall might have something to do with this, is to be found in Roodepoort.

Still considered by most to be on the West-rand, Roodepoort forms part of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipal district and includes areas like Florida and Maraisburg. Roodepoort became a city in 1977.

Education seems to be a large part of life in Roodepoort. Each district has schools catering to the people in the area, from nursery and primary schools to High School. In some instances there are a number of schools within close proximity of each other. Monash university forms part of the educational spectrum.

Because of the established infrastructure, it is easier for people to move to Roodepoort and integrate into society, allowing Roodepoort to expand at a rapid pace.

Roodepoort is linked to the rest of Johannesburg by rail, and by road allowing for the easy navigation in and out of the city.

Chimneys in Roodepoort

Climatically Roodepoort is on the colder side, with frosty mornings arriving a little sooner than they do elsewhere making the need for heating a priority. Fireplaces can be found in the majority of the houses in Roodepoort unless they are modern structures or were removed during a remodelling of the house. These chimneys are probably in use every winter and as a result would need cleaning in order to eliminate any risks related to blocked and broken chimneys.

Having your chimney cleaned will allow you to make a safe, warm fire to keep your family warm this winter.

Call us Out Now -081 719 1100
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