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Melville and Northcliff

Plumbing SpannerSituated to ther Nort-West of the Johannesburg city centre, these two suburbs are among the older suburbs of Johannesburg. Situated approximately 5kilometres apart, one meight be forgiven for thinking that these two distinctly different suburbs are in fact one, as the are linked by a mutual cemetry and the Johannesburg botannical gardens.

Melville is known for its older architecture and buildings and also for it's nightlife and the many restuarants that it has been host to over the many years of its existence. The proximity to both the University of Johannesburg and the SABC in Auckland Park make this a popular meeting place for students and workers of both the white and blue collar varieties.

Because of the age of so many of the homes in Melville, there are still alot of operational fireplaces and chimneys and you can see them come to life one at a time on a chilly winters afternoon.

Northcliff itself is a suburb that stretches over the Northcliff ridge and beyond. Known as an affluent suburb Northcliff is within striking distance of outdoor amenities such as the botanical gardens and the shopping centres that serve the area.

Although situated on a rocky hill, Northcliff is lush with gardens that are as beautiful in winter as they are in summer. There are a number of old homes in the suburb and these all have chimneys and fireplaces which help the residents keep the winters cold at bay.

Chimneys in common

Melville and Northcliff, dramatically different suburbs in Johannesburg but with a few common threads such as chimneys and fireplaces. Many of which were built into the houses at around the same time. All of these chimneys regardless of where they are or when they were built will need to be expertly cleaned before the cold of winter arrives and fires get made.

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