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Johannesburg South and Soweto

Rich in history, Soweto or South Western Township, was central to so many political changes during the struggle years. Although started as camp for evacuees in the early 1900's Soweto is arguably the largest township in South Africa. It fame precedes it, Soweto is known worldwide, if not for it's history then for it's sheer staying power and magnetism.

Soweto is also known as the home of two nobel laureates, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who lived only a short distance from each other on Vilikazi Street.

Soweto rose to political prominence in 1976 as the background for the student uprising which took place on 16 June. For a better understanding of what took place and what led up to that fateful day a tour of Soweto and the Apartheid museum towards the south of Johannesburg.

While origionally a settlement, the first houses were built long enough ago for the structure to have incorporated a fireplace, many of these homes have been expanded and modernised but the fireplace remained as part of the building. These chimneys need to be expertly cleaned in order to gain the most from the fire.

Johannesburg South

Encompassing Orange Farm and Lenasia and a number of smaller settlements Johannesburg South includes vast tacts of industrial land. Residential suburbs to the south of Johannesburg are smaller than their counterparts to the north and east, the number of residential suburbs is also less.

The Johannesburg vegetable market and the flower market are situated in the southern suburbs. Turfontein race course is a big draw card for for horse racing enthusiasts.

The climate on the south of Johannesburg is slighlty cooler than elsewhere and many a night the winter sky is punctuated with smoke from a fire built with the aim of keeping warm.

Ensure that your chimney is clean before you build your first fire for the winter. Let us clean your chimney for you. We are Johannesburgs chimney cleaning experts.

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