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Chimney Unblocking

When not in use for the daily operation of a business or household a chimney might get blocked. Chimneys that are only used during the colder months of the year are more prone to blockages because of the length of time during which they are not in use.

Signs of a blockage in your chimney

The room fills up with smoke.

Bits of debris fall into the fireplace at random times.

A smell coming from the chimney, might indicate an animal has gotten stuck and died.Rubbish can get into the chimney and create a blockage

When the flue is open but you don't feel even a slight draft


What can your chimney get blocked by

Birds nests

Dead animals

Paper and plastic dragged into the chimney by animals making nests

Windblown debris


Clearing a blockage in your chimney

Often the nature of the blockage will allow it to fall through into the fireplace if prodded with a rod or brush. But sometimes whatever is causing the blockage is wedged in tightly and might require different equipment or a different technique. Your chmney cleaner should be able to dislodge the blockage and free up the chimney for use again.

Soot and creosote can collect in the chimney over time and create a blockage or make it easier for random items to get stuck in the chimney and block the smoke.

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