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Chimney Cleaning in Johannesburg

It doesn't matter whether you live in the country or in the city, there are few things that cheer up a cold winters evening quite the way a roaring fire does.

In order to have this fire burning the way you like it, you will need more than a pile of wood and your fire building skills.

Having a clean chimney is just as important to the success of your fire as wood and skills.

Chimney cleaners in Johannesburg

Our chimney cleaners are based in Johannesburg so you needn't look to far to have your chimney professionally cleaned. Our chimney cleaners are equipped with the correct brushes and attachments which enable them to do a thorough job of cleaning your chimney.

Our chimney cleaning equipmentOur chimney cleaning equipment ensures that your chimney and the surrounding area are free of soot.

Our chimney cleaning brushes have been imported specifically for the purpose of cleaning chimneys and are of the highest quality.

The chimney cleaning expert will be able to reach all areas inside the chimney as the brushes are extendable and made for this very purpose.

A high ppowered vacuum with an HEPA filter attached to it will prevent as much as 99% of the soot particles from escaping.


Your living room

Our chimney-cleaner will ensure that any furniture in the proximity of the fire-place will be moved out of the way.

Protective covering will be placed on the floor surrounding the fire-place in order to protect it.

Any debris which does fall from the chimney and is not caught up instantly will be cleared away by the chimney cleaner once the cleaning is complete.




Call us Out Now -081 719 1100
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