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Chimney Damper

The chimney damper helps to regulate the amount of oxygen reaching the fire.

The damper is sometimes close to prevent ash and soot from falling back into the fire-place. This shouls only happen if there is no fire.Ensure the chimney damper is in working order

The air flow into the fireplace should be controlled when making a fire as a draft will blow the initial flames out. Once the fire is going and the flue has warmed up then opening the damper is a good idea as the smoke will now be 'sucked' up and out.

When the chimney cleaner cleans the chimney he will check that the damper is intact and in working order, and advise you if this is not the case.

Having your chimney clean and it's components in good repair will ensure that you get the most out of your fire.

The chimney cleaner will check to see if everything is clear inside your chimney once he has cleaned it, a torch will aid him in his job.

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