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Johannesburg CBD and Rosebank

The first stop on the Gautrein route as you leave downtown Johannesburg is Rosebank. Long established and considered by many to be the home of "old money". Rosebank plays host to a thriving nightlife and boasts exclusive shopping and remains one of the more popular stops for tourists when they are in Johannesburg.

Because of its location Rosebank is just a short commute from the Johannesburg cbd and cultural centres which are a drawcard and a mainstay of Johannesburg. Theatres and newly revamped arts districts are mere tokens of the eclectic mix that is Johannesburg. With a vibrant nightlife and an equally colourful daytime energy Johannesburg cbd and Rosebank are indeed the same city seperated by only a few kilometres.

Corporate business has also found it's home here and Rosebank boasts the head office of Sasol and of Nu Metro Cinemas. Times media group who bring us print media and it digital counterpart are also based in Rosebank.

These are not the only companies with head offices based in Rosebank, there are countless other companies situated in the area.

Fireplaces and chimneys

Once the nightlife and the corporate activity have been experienced it pays to remember that Rosebank is in fact a largely residential area with a multitude of dwellings both old and modern, solid ground level houses or established blocks of flats which are part of the landscape. In spite of the number of buildings both residential and otherwise, there are no skyscrapers in sight. You might even see smoke billowing from a few chimneys.

It's the older homes that will have been built 60 years and more ago and many will undoubtedly have their fireplaces still intact to help ward off the chill of a highveld winter evening. These fires will be best served by having the chimneys cleaned by an expert chimney cleaner based in Johannesburg.

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