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Where once one could drive along the highway from the east rand into Johannesburg and have vast open spaces between each suburb, it has all become one big mass. The city seems to stretch on forever, so much so that you barely even recognise the change from one location to the next.

The urban sprawl has made this kind of differentiation difficult. Bedfordview to many is where the east rand ends and Johannesburg finally begins.

Situated near large shopping centres and easy access to highways Bedfordview also has its fair share of schools and learning centres which make it an ideal place to live and raise a family.

The weather is typically highveld. Summers are hot and sunny with frequent showers and spectacular thunderstorms and the winters although fairly mild bring a few extremely cold evenings. It's in this cold that you hope the fairly modern architecture of an expanding Johannesburg includes a chimney and a fireplace.

An interesting fact about Bedfordview is the tale of a young girl who had a wonderful view of the Bedford farm and when town fathers were looking to name the settlement in the 1920's they staged a competition which she entered and won with the name Bedford View. This later became Bedfordview.

Hpwever interesting the origion of your name, your safety and comfort are at risk if you neglect to get your chimney cleaned before you make any fires to get you through the winter.

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